Best of India 2022

  • Gateway to India
    Gateway to India
    Built near the end of the Colonial era to honor a royal visit. There are a lot of additional folders which show much more of the culture, wildlife and scenes.
    Back Bay, Old Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, January 10, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Gharials
    Gavialis gangeticus - one of the major target species for the trip.
    Gerwa River, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India, January 12, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Common Hawk Cuckoo
    Common Hawk Cuckoo
    Hierococcyx varius - one of a large number of good birds seen on the river.
    Chambal River, Uttar Pradesh, India, January 15, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Girl on Buffalo
    Girl on Buffalo
    Chambal River to Jarar, Uttar Pradesh, India, January 15, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Sarus Cranes
    Sarus Cranes
    Grus antigone - we were fortunate to see a large number of these endangered birds.
    Uttar Pradesh, India, January 15, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Loaded Motorcycle
    Loaded Motorcycle
    If it can be tied to a motorcycle, it will be transported by one.
    Nadagaw to Jaitpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, January 16, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Purple Heron
    Purple Heron
    Ardea purpurea - there is great diversity at this national park.
    Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India, January 17, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Bluethroat
    Luscinia svecica - a Siberian visitor.
    Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India, January 17, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Purple Sunbird male
    Purple Sunbird male
    Cinnyris asiaticus
    Utsav Camp, Sariska, Rajasthan, India, January 18, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Shantinath
    Moguls destroyed much of the three temple structures.
    First Temple, Neelkath Temple Complex, Rajasthan, India, January 19, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Five on a Motorcycle
    Five on a Motorcycle
    The fifth person is barely seen in the middle.
    Sariska, Rajasthan to Delhi, Haryana, India, January 21, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson
  • Malabar Giant Squirrel
    Malabar Giant Squirrel
    Ratufa indica
    Valparai, Tamil Nadu, India, January 22, 2022
    Larry L. Jackson